Apple will begin making the iPhone 15 Plus in India in the upcoming quarter || Iphone new Update for Users | iphone launch date

Apple will begin making the iPhone 15 Plus in India in the upcoming quarter, To accommodate holiday demand.

By releasing new iPhone models and lowering the price of current versions, Apple hopes to double its sales in India in the upcoming quarter.

Iphone manufacturing in india

Following the successful local manufacture of the series' lower base model in India, Apple plans to domestically build the iPhone 15 Plus there in the upcoming quarter. According to the Economic Times, which cited two business officials aware of the preparations, production of the iPhone 15 Plus is anticipated to begin in the next quarter at Foxconn's facility close to Chennai. With the release of the new iPhone models and price reductions on current models, Apple hopes to quadruple its sales in India in the upcoming quarter, perhaps setting a new all-time high.

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Iphone priduction india chennai in next some month new Update for iphone Users

Notably, Apple released the iPhone 15 series on September 12 at a time when the smartphone market as a whole is experiencing challenges, but the Cupertino-based company's iPhone continues to be popular, especially in places like India. The iPhone's brand value, ecosystem, and the choice of Gen Z customers globally all contribute to its continued appeal.

The Foxconn factory in India has started producing the iPhone 15 for sale by Apple. For the first time, an iPhone made in India will be offered for purchase during the unveiling. Apple will continue importing handsets from its main manufacturing base in China in order to satisfy demand during the next holiday season since local manufacturing capacity for the iPhone 15 is still constrained, according to the source. 

The next device to be assembled in India will be the iPhone 15 Plus

"The next device to be assembled in India will be the iPhone 15 Plus. It will begin to take shape between October and December and would be the fastest production rollout for a more expensive model in India, one of the executives was cited as saying by the financial newspaper. In India, where Apple has been stepping up domestic production, the iPhone 14, 14 Plus, and 13 models are now made.

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Up till local manufacture starts, Apple intends to import the iPhone 15 Plus model into India. The incredibly expensive iPhone Pro series, however, won't be made in India. Therefore, while deciding on its pricing plan for India, Apple took into account both the rupee's devaluation and the 22 percent import taxes on handsets. Due of this, the new iPhones are among the most expensive products available on the Indian market.

Sales in india increase day by day 

According to the insider, "Apple is still expecting to double sales in India in the next quarter with these new launches, making it a record quarter for the company."

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