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Business Self-Help

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  • Your true success, wealth and happiness are three generations away. All three are here to help you attain your success. The Inheritance of Dreams is a unique combination of thrilling dialogues, precious business and life lessons, money-making laws, family emotions, incredible instances, heart-breaking love, infinite motivation, an entertaining story package, and many soul-shaking aphorisms. It begins with our hero Cooper, a 17-year-old middle-class family boy, who accidentally stumbles upon something ravishing and eye-catching, which he loves the most for the first time but cannot owe it just because he is not RICH.   He vows to own that beauty with his full heart and pure complete determination. He gets surrounded by adversities and failures but never wavers. He shatters his limits and goes beyond by increasing his assets and skillsets and tries to build a FORTUNE for himself. Coming along, you will also encounter a man possessing a special gift who challenges time to become a millionaire. The ironic chemistry between a broken billionaire and an abandoned orphan named King will leave you stunned and smiling. Will they achieve their absolute dreams? Let’s find out together.

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  • Times are tumultuous; each day brings in new challenges. Economies, businesses and individuals are tossed around in this chaos. Yet the more things change, the more they remain the same. In The Second Arrow, the author walks through the transformation journeys of three centurion organizations, reliving these learnings to come up with a navigation kit to cruise through the chaos. This toolkit teaches us to embrace uncertainty and how to survive, evolve and thrive through disruptions. The book talks about the simple values of doing the right things and taking each day at a time and the lessons learned by the author in the trenches of corporate life and practiced at boardrooms. It captures the priceless experience of having been there and done that.

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