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Author 2: Sunny Sen

Sunny Sen

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  • This is an intimate and moving autobiography of one of India’s most successful start-up entrepreneurs. If ever there was anyone whose life could be described as nothing but a roller-coaster, it is that of Sandeep Aggarwal. ‘Fall again, rise again’ are words that sum up the entire life of the founder of two billion-dollar companies and shopclues. Sandeep’s story is that of a middle-class boy who could not speak English for much of his school life but dreamt to make it big someday. A young professional who went to the US and couldn’t get a job but eventually became a sought-after wall Street analyst. He achieved more success than he could imagine but gave up everything to return to India to become an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur who built one of India’s very few unicorns but was ousted from his own company. A dreamer who saw his dreams crushed by Charges of insider trading in the US but rose like a Phoenix to create yet another company—droom. He was an accused whose agonizing wait for a final decision in his case continued for six long years. But that did not stop a string of global investors from putting money into droom, including Japan’s Toyota group company. He was finally vindicated when the US government dropped all criminal Charges against him in February2020, and the securities and Exchange Commission settled all Civil Charges against him around the same time. This is unlike any autobiography, especially among those written by people from the business world. Sandeep’s emotional strength and searing honesty will inspire and impact you in a way that is very, very rare.

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